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Product Number 500-01
Adsorbing Material Silica Gel
Packing material Nonwoven
Warning language English
Weight(gram) 500
Size Wide*Length*Thickness (millimeter) 135*230*37
RH=20% Maximum water absorption(gram) 55
RH=20% Rate of absorption(gram/7hour) 8
RH=50% Maximum water absorption(gram) 130
RH=50% Rate of absorption(gram/7hour) 19
RH=80% Maximum water absorption(gram) 180
RH=80% Rate of absorption(gram/7hour) 125
Change after absorption light yellow
Dust none
Delivery form 20 packages*2 PE bags/box

What is the absorption for each different kind of materials?


Max Absorption

Silica gel






Blue Silica gel


Orange Silica gel


What is the character of each wrapping paper and how do I choose?
1)Tissue was the most common paper using in Silica gel packaging. Tissue was used for air filter, coffee filter and tea bag. Tissue was use to pack small bags of silica gel, it has good air permeability, but it is not good to protect sharp metal.

2)Non-woven paper was used for packaging large desiccant bags. It has good air permeability, light weight, no combustion, decomposable and no toxic. It cannot use for packaging powdery desiccant.

3)American DuPont Tyvek was used in all kinds of field. It has good air permeability, folding durability, ripping durability, waterproof, dust-proof and static-free. It has highly recommended in electronic industry and often used in America and Europe

4)Japanese nonwoven fabric has better air permeability and folding durability than American DuPont Tyvek. It has very high resistance for temperature and can be put into 150℃ owen.

5)PE film laminated with Paper Fabric is an new kind of compound paper. It increases the folding durability of the tissue paper and decreases the air permeability of it.

6)Usual compound paper was made by combining tissue paper and nonwoven. It has good air permeability, folding durability and dust-proof.

7)OPP always used with blue beads. It directly shows the working condition of the silica gel.

How to use desiccant?

Putting a small desiccant bag with your production into an air-proof bag (ex. PE bag or aluminum foil bag), using heat-sealing machine to seal the bag, the desiccant bag will absorb the moisture in the bag and seals into the desiccant.

What else should I know when I using the desiccant?

1)When you using the desiccant during your packaging, please taking out a small amount of desiccant. You don’t want to dump out all desiccant bags on a table because it would absorb the moisture before you put it into your packaging bag.

2)After you open a bag of desiccant, please using it all or using heat-sealing machine to seal the bag if you have left-over.


1 RH=20% generally is humidity of Aseptic workshop

2 RH=50% generally is humidity of ordinary workshop

3 RH=80% generally is humidity of ordinary workshop at East Asian rainy season

4 This is intended primarily for Discoloration Silica gel

Reference data only, not for technical specifications.